Generating a Performance Report

Let's walk through an example of how to generate a Performance Report:

  1. Visit
  2. Select "Reports" in the top navigation of the EPN Portal
  3. Select "Run Report"
  4. Select a report type
    • By Day
    • By Month
    • By Campaign
    • By Category
    • By Tool/Creative
  5. Select a Campaign (not available when selecting "By Campaign" report type)
    • All Campaigns
    • Any of the campaigns you've previously created
  6. Select a Program, typically the country for which you'd like to view the report
  7. Select Traffic Type, which is the type of device or app your audience is using when clicking on your links
    • All Traffic
    • Desktop 
    • All Mobile (App + Web)
  8. Use the tabs to display your desired timeframe, or select a Date Range from the drop-down when using the "By Category" report type
    • Month to Date
    • Last Month
    • Last Three Months
    • Year to Date
    • Custom Date Range

You can run your Performance Report in a lot of different ways. Which one you choose depends on what questions you're looking to answer about your performance, such as "what were my earnings by month for the last three months" or "which product categories generate the most revenue for me" and much more.

Once a Performance Report is generated, a graph and table of metrics will appear below the reporting options. You can further adjust what data displays in the graph by changing the display options, using the two drop down menus below the graph. These allow you to toggle which fields from the table of metrics will display on the graph. For example, you can view clicks and earnings, or clicks and sales, EPC and clicks, and so on. You can also export the data table to Excel or as a text file. 

The table includes the following metrics:

  • Impressions: the number of times an ad is loaded and displayed on a page
  • Clicks: the number of times on which an ad is clicked
  • eBay Revenue: the revenue eBay earned on the transactions driven by your ads
  • Sales: the amount the buyer paid for items purchased through your ads
  • Items Ordered: the total number of items ordered in the transactions generated by your ads
  • Earnings: the commissions earned from items sold through your ads
  • EPC: Earnings per Click, calculated as Earnings divided by Clicks. This is a measure of the efficiency of the clicks your ads generate
  • % of Sale: calculated as Earnings divided by Sales. This is a measure of how much of the total sale value is translated into earnings, which can vary based on the category of the item and the revenue share eBay earns on the transaction
  • Conversion Rate: calculated as Items Ordered divided by Clicks. This is a measure of how often a click leads to a transaction
  • Average Item Value: calculated as Items Ordered divided by Sales. A measure of the average value of the items purchased through your ads

Example graph showing earnings and clicks month-to-date

Category Report showing revenue generated per category