How Much Can You Really Make as an eBay Partner?


Regardless of if you’re brand new to eBay Partner Network or a long-time publisher, the question that most likely tops your list is, “How much can I make as an eBay partner?”

“The sky’s the limit” is an honest answer – since there is no cap to how much you can earn as an affiliate, and it only takes a very low minimum amount to make a monthly commission ($10 in Australia). There are, however, a few factors that come into play when determining your earning potential.

Partners earn between 50% and 70% of eBay revenue. The percentage you make depends on the category of items you promote, and some, like Parts & Accessories and Fashion (70%), yield a higher rate than, say, Electronics (50%). Check out our Global Rate Card for more details.


There are also ways to amplify your earnings. If you’re a new partner, for example, you make double commissions in your first three months. And any partner can earn a 100% bonus when referring a purchase from a shopper who is new to eBay or who hasn’t made a purchase on the site in the past 12 months.

By actively cultivating relationships with people who don’t normally buy or have never bought products on eBay, or by carefully considering your product mix and focusing on higher-paying categories, you can increase your affiliate commissions.

You can also check here regularly for content designed to help you maximize your commission earnings and set your affiliate business up for success with everything from expert advice on social media marketing to affiliate marketing advice from the pros, tools you can use to ramp up your commissions and more.

In addition to several inspiring success stories that you can check out on our website, we frequently survey our Insiders about their experiences with earning commissions. Many fondly remember their first $100-$200 payment they received as they were initially ramping up with the program -- then report over time, that they’ve enjoyed earnings in the thousands of dollars -- even on a daily basis!  Finding motivation through success is the through line, regardless of how you define it.

We want you to earn as much as possible and are here to support your success! Let us know in the comments how you’ve maximized your commissions with EPN.