How to Capture Today’s Mobile Shoppers with the Newly Mobile-Enhanced Smart Links

We are excited to announce that our automated site optimization solution, Smart Links, is now enhanced so that you may capture more mobile conversions with compelling inventory served through mobile-friendly ads.

In addition to automatically converting all past, present and future eBay links into monetized links complete with your own tracking ID, Smart Links is optimized with a new mobile ads feature that generates highly clickable, beautiful banners from those links that display naturally as your users consume your content on a mobile device.

Convert more of today’s mobile shoppers into commissionable buyers. Today, 62% of online purchases are completed via mobile phones, due to sheer convenience and demand for instant gratification. Pair this with the impact that visual discovery has on purchase decisions- and the new mobile ads feature has everything you need to leverage the continued rise in mobile shopping happening today.

More ways the mobile ads feature impacts your business:

●      Your campaigns are easier to manage and more profitable. After installing a simple line of code just once, Smart Links will not only automatically convert your text links into personalized tracking links for you, but the solution will also identify which text links currently go to individual listing pages. Then, it will create compelling, mobile-friendly ads complete with the product’s name and image, its listing price, seller name and rating, and “Free Shipping” if applicable.

●      Your buyers’ journey is quality-controlled. When they click on the mobile ad, they’ll either go directly to each link’s landing pages or into the eBay app, if they already have the app installed on their mobile devices.

●      Your site experience is uniquely intuitive. The small but powerful banner ads are natural to your visitors’ eyeline and click path. When your user is scrolling on your site and pauses, an ad will rise out of the bottom of their screen leading to an eBay link already on your site. If they don’t love it, they can close it. Otherwise, the ad will remain while paused, rotating to ads for other text links in the order that they appear on your web page.

●      Your links are flexible and scalable. Once installed, the new mobile ads feature will generate ads both in portrait and landscape view on all smartphone devices for your entire site, as well as in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish and all of eBay’s 13 global marketplaces.

How can I get it?

●      If you already have Smart Links: There’s nothing you need to do! Smart Links has been enhanced network-wide to now capture more mobile conversions with the mobile ads feature.

●      If you don’t have Smart Links yet, simply head to this page in the portal, add the code and all past, present and future links to eBay on your site will be monetized with your own tracking ID and optimized with mobile ads for mobile visitors.

●      For extra guidance, refer to our Quick Start Guide and FAQs.

For more ways to harness the power of mobile for your business, review 4 Smart Ways to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Search.

Although not recommended, you are able to use Smart Links without the new mobile ads feature if you wish. To do so, simply replace your current code with the code for text links only available in the portal here.

As always, your feedback is welcome. Please send any questions or comments you may have to