Unveiling Our New Success Hub for eBay Partners: Learn, Earn, Optimize and Grow All in One Place


We are delighted to share our latest resource for eBay partners- our brand new Partner Success Hub. Complete with everything you need to keep your business optimized for maximum revenue potential- from new technology developments to insider eBay info, handy resources that your team can implement today, and more.


In our new Hub, you will find:

●      Our newest innovations now in Beta, including:

○      Our Experimentation Platform, which helps you realize your incremental revenue by facilitating A/B testing for partners. By participating, you could achieve higher confidence in your incremental value, which means you'll secure the best commission rate possible.

○      Our Adobe DMP Integration, which grants you access to exclusive eBay customer data that you can't get anywhere else. In real time, eBay's niche audience segments- or custom audiences per your request- are at your fingertips and ready to convert.

○      Our suite of Buy APIs, with which you can transform your app or site into your own end-to-end, e-commerce platform powered by eBay. When used together, these 4 APIs create a complete conversion-centric experience that enables your shoppers to check out and track orders without ever visiting eBay.com.

●      The newest earning solutions from eBay, including:

○      The latest release of Smart Links, now enhanced with a new mobile ads feature to help you capture more mobile conversions.

○      Our Smart Share Chrome extension, which enables you to create personalized tracking links outside of the portal and share them directly to your social media pages.

●      Additional helpful resources to help you grow your revenue, including best practices, guides, industry updates and eBay news.