I’m a Seller That Joined EPN – Now What?


Are you an eBay seller who’s interested in expanding your revenue opportunities by joining eBay’s affiliate program?

In this episode of EPN TV, John Toskey gives you a quick, two-minute overview of how simple it is to get started with eBay Partner Network (EPN) and begin earning affiliate commissions by promoting links to your own items, as well as those from other sellers.

If you’re wondering where can you promote these links – well, it’s just about anywhere!  A blog, a forum, your website, Twitter account, Facebook page, Instagram or your YouTube channel, for example.

John walks you through the following steps to get started with EPN:

  • Go to the EPN home page, and click “Sign up now.” 
  • After you’re accepted, make sure you enter your full account information in the EPN portal so we know how to pay you.
  • Next, you’ll want to know how to create trackable links, so we know when your referred buyers make purchases on eBay, and so that you can be paid for that sale. You can start by following the simple instructions on the portal home page under, “Create a Promotable Link.”
  • You can also explore the Tools menu, which will guide you to the Link Generator and the Bookmarklet Tool. (Be sure to check out the “Building Links” Quick Start Guides, listed below.)

Then you can share links on your website or social channels to your products or other interesting finds, using one of our approved link shorteners: Bit.ly, Goo.gl, Ow.ly, Buff.ly.

That’s all it takes to get started with EPN!

If you’re thinking that you want to link to someone else’s store, think about complementary products. John gives this example: If you sell automotive parts, maybe your users would be interested in tools or vehicles. You get paid regardless of if someone buys your products or anyone else’s.

Just like any other EPN affiliate, the key to successful promotions is building your audience, understanding what they’re interested in, and providing value.

John advises that you keep up with the Code of Conduct, as there are rules specific to sellers. For example, you’re not allowed to automatically redirect from a URL to your listings, and also you can’t post your EPN affiliate links directly on eBay’s site.

If you’re a seller who needs help getting started, let us know in the comments, and we’ll help you get up and running!

Handy Links:

EPN home page

Quick Start: Building Links (Bookmarklet Tool, Link Generator)

EPN Code of Conduct