No Membership Necessary: 3 Ways that eBay Helps You Convert Visitors into Buyers


By asking shoppers, “But did you check eBay?” our new brand platform is busting myths and moving merchandise! Considering that 1 out of every 2 Australians bought something on eBay in 2016 and ours is the first screen for shopping in Australia, there’s a good chance your visitors already know and trust eBay. With the new platform, they’ll find the seamless and intuitive journey, fast and free postage, competitive prices, and unique items on-demand they need. The best part: Your visitors don’t have to be members or subscribe to anything to take advantage.

Here are three ways you can leverage the power of eBay to boost your earnings.

1.  Lean on our growing list of guarantees and promote with confidence.

  • With the new Price Match Guarantee, customers are avidly shopping and buying on eBay instead of on,,,, and others.

  • Make your offers more compelling with millions of items shipped in 3 days or less with Guaranteed Delivery, coming soon.

  • Ensure that your visitors will get exactly what they are looking for (or their money back) with our worry-free Money Back Guarantee.

2.  Ride the momentum of eBay’s brand awareness and convert more of the highest paying visitors, New-or-Reactivated shoppers.

When our “Fill Your Cart With Colour” branding went live across Australia earlier this season, it was a great reminder that the personal online shopping interaction that 72% of Australians crave is at their fingertips on eBay. Every day, we are reconnecting and engaging with more people who haven’t purchased on eBay in 12 months or longer. If these shoppers click and buy from one of your personalized affiliate links, you will earn double commissions on their purchase!

3.  Best of Web deals are being designed to boost your earnings alongside eBay sellers. Use these promotions to earn more.

  • Major technology this promo finishes on the 6th November, tools, and Christmas deals up to 80% are being promoted through the first weeks in November -- just in time for the holidays.

  • Speaking of the holidays, considering sharing some of these great ways to dress up your home with your readers.

  • Regardless of which event is happening when, all of the deals featured on this page ship for free to your visitors.

Don’t forget to leverage this campaign with fresh creatives designed just for you. Access them in the Creatives Gallery, and refer to the Quick Start Guide for instructions.

If you have questions or need assistance, we’re always here for you! Leave a comment below, or drop us a note at