Work Smart, Not Hard: New Smart Suite from EPN Instantly Transforms Your Website into a Professional Affiliate Marketing Machine


We’re thrilled to debut our newest suite of solutions from EPN: Smart Suite. Smart Suite, inclusive of Smart Placements, Smart Links, and more solutions to come, takes your site from 0 to Expert by arming you with speed and agility to expedite your earnings.

In just a couple of clicks, your site will be ready for maximum earning potential. And it will stay that way, thanks to the intelligent technology that supports continuous optimization.

To increase your revenue, these solutions focus on one important goal: Making earning more convenient for you. No prior training or education is required for success, and they are incredibly simple and fast to activate.

Get to know Smart Links and Smart Placements a little bit better:

Smart Links make your job easier and saves you time with a simple copy and paste. By recognizing each link to eBay that is placed on your site, the Smart Links code automatically converts every one into a personalized affiliate link for you, in real-time.

How It Works:

Smart Links generates a snippet of JavaScript code that once added to your website, will convert any link pointing to eBay into a trackable affiliate link.

If you’re ready to get started, review the Quick Start Guide.

Smart Placements accelerate your conversion rate with personalized display ads. These customizable and dynamic banners identify your visitors as they enter your site and update the items displayed to match each individual’s browsing history. You’ll get the same retargeting signals that eBay uses in other marketing channels.

How It Works:

Smart Placements’ banner ads have a setting you can apply called “auto-optimization.” When turned on, the code for your banner will contain piece of script that communicates with the browsing data of users who visit your site.

If someone has shopped on eBay before and hasn’t cleared his or her cookies, their browser will give your Smart Placements code the information it needs to show the most recent items that person was looking at on eBay.

If you prefer not to auto-optimize, you don’t have to. You can use your own search criteria instead, as well as customize the look and feel with 3 different banner sizes, 14 different colors, and a variety of fonts. To create one now, review the Quick Start Guide.

Bookmark this page as your Smart Suite home. This is where we’ll continue to add resources for Smart Links and Smart Placements, as well as future Smart solutions as they are released.

After you try these tools- let us know what you think! Share any questions or feedback you may have to