Boost Earnings with eBay’s New “Fill Your Cart With Colour” Brand Platform


Earlier this season, eBay’s new “Fill Your Cart With Colour” branding went live across Australia with this 30-second TV spot celebrating the individuality, diversity, and vibrancy of our shoppers, sellers, and affiliate partners alike. More than just a campaign, this exciting, fresh approach to our shopping experience will empower you to earn more.

How? A new study found that 72 percent of Australians want a personalised interaction when shopping online1. Your audience expects a seamless and intuitive journey, fast postage, competitive prices, and unique items on-demand. That’s why we’ve restructured our more than 1 billion listings so that your buyers may enjoy the best online retail experience available today.

The Fill Your Cart With Colour brand platform enables you to present the listings that are most relevant to your audience in a way that is most desirable to them. Here are a few examples of how this happens:

●      Our new design focuses on a conversion-based search and browsing experience.

●      We’ve optimized mobility to set a new standard of convenience for shoppers on-the-go.

●      New search results pages make items easier to discover. If your buyers aren’t taken to the exact product they’re looking for, they’ll see other highly relevant items – and you’ll still get commissions simply by directing them to eBay.

●      We’ve rolled out a re-imagined homepage which captures high quality traffic and responds to each user’s individual interests to present tailored recommendations across all categories with an inventory mix that is unique to them.

“At the heart of eBay is a colourful and dynamic community, who turn to the marketplace to express their individuality through the way they shop,” says Chief Marketing Officer Tim Mackinnon. “Our key point of difference is the breadth of our unique and interesting inventory and the strength of our community, entirely powered by the people of Australia. Now, more than ever, eBay empowers shoppers to find exactly what they love and express who they are.”

We’re seeing a huge response from our customers, and you can, too. To help you boost conversions with eBay’s new branding, we’ve custom-designed display banners that you can use on your own site. Access them in our Creatives Gallery here.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’re here to help. Email us anytime at

1 Research was conducted by PureProfile, with over 1000 Australian online small business retailers, and 1000 Australian online consumers in July 2017.