Commonly used affiliate marketing terms

While some terms are specific to EPN, most of what you'll find below is essential to affiliate marketing in general.


Through eBay Partner Network, you can run ads for the advertiser, eBay.


At eBay Partner Network, the term "affiliate", "partner", and "publisher" are used interchangeably. It means you have joined EPN, have an active account, and are eligible to earn commissions from traffic you send to eBay.

Application Programming Interface (API)

APIs are a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. At EPN, partners use eBay APIs to build applications and customized integrations, taking advantage of access to real-time price and product info for all eBay listings.

Buy It Now (BIN)

An eBay purchase option that allows shoppers to buy an item immediately at a fixed price.


A way to organize your EPN account. Every account is assigned a default Campaign. You can create multiple Campaigns to segment your marketing efforts in order to gain better insight into your performance. For example, you can use Campaigns to separate performance for different types of ads, different placements, different EPN tools you use to generate links, and more.

Campaign ID

A Campaign ID is a unique 10-digit number that identifies the Campaigns in your account. Every EPN link must include a Campaign ID, and every account is assigned one default Campaign and Campaign ID upon registration.

Here is an example of Campaign ID inside of an EPN link:

For more information see Affiliate Tracking

Category ID

The numeric ID for an eBay category. For example, the ID for the category Consumer Electronics is 293.


The amount you earn from a successful transaction. At EPN, the commission rate is a percentage of revenue eBay earns from the transaction. The commission rate depends on the category of the item(s) purchased. 

Check out our rate card 

Conversion Rate

To calculate Conversion Rate, take transactions divided by clicks. People use this metric to see how often a click on a link or ad leads to a commissionable event.


A file placed on a user's computer to save information. This is what eBay Partner Network uses to track activity. When a user clicks on one of your EPN links, a cookie is placed on that user's computer. That cookie is used to send information back to EPN if the user goes on to make a transaction within 24 hours of the cookie being placed, so the transaction can be credited to your account.

For more information see Affiliate Tracking

Custom ID

An optional alphanumeric identifier of up to 256 characters that you can use to identify your eBay Partner Network traffic.

For more information see Affiliate Tracking

Data Feed

At EPN, this refers to eBay listings data provided in a single file.  Affiliates can download this data and cache it on their systems for high-volume applications.

Earnings Per click (EPC)

To calculate Earnings Per Click (EPC), take earnings divided by clicks. People use this metric to understand the efficiency of the traffic they send to eBay. 


A feature that identifies the geographic location of a user and serves that user content appropriate to his or her location. For example, if you have a geo-targeted eBay advertisement on your site, a user from the United Kingdom who visits your site will see an ad, and will be directed to the site.


One occurrence of a link or creative displaying in a user's web browser. Put another way, each time an ad displays, the event is called an impression.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Key Performance Indicators are measurable values that help determine the effectiveness of campaigns across all marketing channels. Metrics can include Clicks, Earnings, and Transactions.


At EPN, the link refers to a hyperlink that takes a user to somewhere on the eBay site. The link is coded in a way that allows EPN to track user activity, so you can receive commissions if that user completes a valid transaction.

New or Reactivated Buyer (NORB)

eBay Partner Network pays an additional 100% bonus for purchases made by new eBay customers, and for customers who haven't made a purchase on eBay in the last 12 months.

Check out our rate card 

Performance Report

The Performance Report provides data and graphs regarding your campaigns, programs, categories, and tools. The metrics you'll find in the Performance Report include clicks, items ordered, and earnings.

For more information visit Reports 101.

RSS Feed

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” At EPN, partners use RSS Feeds to access up-to-date listings on eBay without having to use the API. It allows you to pick what you want to show on your page, uses live eBay listings based on your custom search criteria, and allows you to use CSS to add your own style to the output.

Tool ID

Each EPN tool has its own unique Tool ID. This Tool ID will be automatically inserted into your URLs when you generate links or code from an EPN tool. The Tool ID allows you to look at performance reports in a way where you can evaluate the effectiveness of links generated by each tool

Transaction Download Report (TDR)

A report that enables you to download the details all of the transactions generated for any program within eBay Partner Network. The TDR gives you the most detailed look at transaction activity, including the time stamp of the click, category and transaction info about the items purchased, and other detailed information.